Freitag, 28. Juni 2013

Mixtape #9 - DONE!

Hey folks, 

Here is my lovely ninth ReMixtape. A soulful piece of downtempo afterhour sounds with a bunch of own remixes, 
my latest deep-house track "Kartasis" and some other kind and friendly pieces of eternal happiness. ;) 
The perfect mixture to calm you down, when your mind's playing tricks on you. 
Let your thoughts float free... 
Sunshiny shit to cheer you up!

"44 Minuten Hardcore! Echte Gefühle!"

"Trust Your Nervous System"

1. DJ Shadow - "Sad and Lonely (Billy Vanilly Treatment)"
2. Ray Charles - "Can't stop Loving You (Billy The Shit's Bass Mix)"
3. Oleg Kostrow - "Professor & Dog"
4. Oleg Kostrow - "Barmen's Theme"
5. Jacques Brel - "Les Amants de Coeur (Benny The Kid Remix)"
6. Suff Daddy - "Quicc Beat feat. Charles Manson"
7. Chairlift - "Evident Utensil (Benny The Kid Remix)"
8. Kraftwerk - "Hall of Mirrors (Benny The Kid Remix)"
9. The Human League - "Toyota City"
10. Cleo Laine - "Feel The Warm (Billy's Tremolo Tripper Edition)"
11. Guts - "You Know Dat Shit"
12. Tourist - "Placid Acid"
13. Benny The Kid - "Kartasis"
14. Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - "Happy Land"
15. Outro - "Absolute Giganten"

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