Montag, 4. März 2013

New Remix

I just finished a remix for canadian singer & songwriter Jenny Mayhem
A few weeks (or month?) ago, she asked me to do a remix of one song of her self-titled EP.
And now - FINALLY - it's done! 
I chose the short and sad ukulele-dominated piece "Alice In Wonderland", cut it into thousand pieces, switched, swirled, turned, mixed and squished them, added percussion, drums and bass and created something completely different.

The result is a really deep and atmospheric piece of mellow downtempo-psychedelic-4-to-the-floor-stuff. I ike it a lot and I'm really proud of it. One of the best remixes I ever did, I guess.

Jenny's opinion: "Holy shit - this is beautiful!"
But try it yourself!


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